Self-publishing a book in Malaysia

I’m honored to have been interviewed by Amin Rahman who is a self-made businessman. He meticulously designed a podcast on an interview with me and it can be viewed in this post. What can you expect from this podcast?

1. A freelance writer’s journey and what you can learn from being a writer
2. A detailed explanation about publishing a children’s chapter book.
3. Lessons I’ve learnt from self-publishing.
4. How social media helps in getting the word around in publishing.
5. Why it is important to network to get more contacts when you are in the publishing world.

If you do like Amin’s podcast skills and would like to be interviewed for his ‘borak business’ (chat about business), do drop him a line here on The Pejabat website. By the way, this is only part one of the interview. Part two will be shared later. Stay tuned for more updates!

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