Georgetown Literary Festival 2018

24-25 November 2018

Hi guys! I can’t believe it! The Treasure Hunt Trial will be sold at this year’s Georgetown Literary Festival!! This is unbelievable. It will be at the Malaysian Writer’s Society‘s booth so be sure to check us out there. So head over to the island and yourself a copy.

KL International Bookfair 2018

27 April – 6 May 2018

My latest book is out! The long awaited sequel to The Riddle on 22 Lane. I was super excited to have its debut at the biggest book fair in Malaysia. The biggest thanks to my wonderful bookshop partner – Dakwah Corner Bookstore. My book was available at their booths HA12-15 at Dewan Tun Hussein Onn, PWTC.

Creative Writing: Creating Memorable Characters

19 December 2017, Mukha Cafe (TTDI)

This was very exciting!! Due to the overwhelming response, I had to conduct another workshop for those who missed it the first time. The outcome was amazing!! In this session, participants were inspired by the props in the café and they created believable characters such as a mirror, fish, table and other things.

Creative Writing: Get Them Hooked

14 December 2017, Mukha Cafe (TTDI)

This event was a highly interactive session. I loved seeing the participants huddled together analyzing, discussing and writing various prompts , as they created their own beginnings for fiction. The session was so good that many asked when the next session was. Gosh I don’t know. Next year InshaAllah. Thanks for the support!


Creative Writing: Creating Memorable Characters

5 December 2017, Mukha Cafe (TTDI)

This was my first ever workshop and I was nervous! But all that quickly disappeared as the children’s eagerness and participation made me jump right in. This workshop was about creating characters for fiction writing. We divided the group into various segments and children were seen discussing and writing down important traits of characters. We had games, discussions and a bunch of other activities. The outcome of this workshop was amazing. Children created interesting write-ups about characters inspired by sugar jars, jugs, a fork and so on.

Oh by the way, the gracious owners of the cafe provided lunch too. Do give them a call if you’re keen on organizing an event any time soon.


Launch of The Tudung Anthology

19 August 2017, Kooler Lumpur 2017 (Publika)

The Tudung Anthology was launched at the Kooler Lumpur Festival. I was quite so honoured to be among the other wonderful writers who contributed to the book at the launch. We were invited to speak at a panel during the launch. To date, the book has hit the bestseller’s list in major bookstores in Malaysia!