The Tudung Anthology


Publisher: Matahari Books
ISBN: 9789672128083

My little nieces and nephews would refer to me as the “aunt in hoodie” and innocently asked why I used a tablecloth (my telekung ringed with lace) when I prayed. And they would all take turns to try it on. And of course I would receive the mother of all tudung questions: “Don’t you feel hot using that?”

The Tudung Anthology is a women-only anthology featuring essays, fiction and comics. This is a book about a piece of cloth, and how it is able to weave its way into the hearts of people, causing multiple and different chains of reactions.This book aims to shed light on the bigger picture, and the deeper meaning that comes with a person’s choice to either keep it or discard it, giving us a different perspective to consider our side before making assumptions and drawing conclusions.

Hezreen wrote her story entitled Much Ado About Tudung which is a personal journey to using the hijab. This book has reached the bestsellers list in major bookstores in Malaysia.