Hassan & Hussein: Riddle of 22 Lane


Publisher: Greenbird Books
ISBN: 9780992885809

Hassan and Hussein are twin brothers who are habitually challenged to solve a riddle by their cousin and in this story we accompany them on a fun quest to succeed in solving one. Insha’Allah the book is the first in a series and I am already looking forward to the next instalment.

Although this book is targeted at young readers aged six to nine (as the characters are about eight years old and there is a crossword at the back) the story is accessible to younger listeners too and my four and six year old non-readers have thoroughly enjoyed having the story read to them.

The story is from the viewpoint of one of the twins which makes it immediately engaging. It also means that the Islamic lessons communicated to readers through other characters are interesting, short within dialogue or observation, and non-preachy masha’Allah. My favourite character is Uncle Ali who only makes a brief appearance – but I do hope to see him in successive stories insha’Allah.